the revolution for sneaker cleaners

A new cleaning technology for dynamic liquids is entering the world of the shoe retailing. Finally there is a cleaning solution for sneakers in seconds, Tennis shoes etc. The procedure works for all non-absorbent smooth surfaces. The application of the liquid leads to a micro earthquake - 200 nm large bubbles moving 1000-8000 x per second. Similar to the wax structure in a lava lamp, after applying the dynamic structures move under the dirt and simply push it upwards

The dirt only needs to be wiped. With this technology physical cleaning, the dirt is not dissolved as with other products of normal chemicals. This new cleaning technology also provides dirt protection similar to impregnation. Labelling-free and tested by Dermatest® with very good skin compatibility.


Shoez: "Clean2Go – Hightec for  the  sneaker world"

Arustoria Magazine: "Clean2Go revolutionises sneaker cleaning"

Westfalen-Blatt: "Innovation for clean sneakers"

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